July and August, 2018:

Ruth Stiles Gannett Kahn and two of her seven daughters, Louise and Peggy, were invited to Japan by PUK Puppet Theater ( and spent 10 fabulous days in Tokyo and Hakone.

Photos of the fabulous PUK puppeteers with Ruth:


Ruth met many fans in Japan, some of whom told her about how important the “Elmer books” were to them. Yu Todo, pictured below with Ruth, agreed to share her comments and a photo of her with Ruth here.


The lovely card Yu made for Ruth says:

Dear Ruth-San,

Welcome to Japan! I came to see you to say “Thank you”. Your book saved my childhood. Even I had sad, hard and miserable feeling, the story of Elmer gave me a shelter. I can fly, be brave with them. I appreciate you so much. Now, I will be ( want to be) a children book writer like you, give hope to children. Love, Yu Todo

Yu – Ruth appreciates you and all the wonderful fans in Japan who were so kind and welcoming to her books and to us!!  And we all send our appreciation to Aki Maezawa,

the author of Ruth’s biography ( in Japanese), who took us to Hakone, and who guided us with grace and humor throughout our visit!



August, 2018:

As part of the Bedford, Massachusetts public library summer reading program, eight year old Hanna Suzuki developed a medal and awarded it to Ruth Stiles Gannett  for “My Father’s Dragon”.

The reasons she gave for liking the book so much were:

  1. It is so mysterious, adventurous, and funny!
  2. Every time I  turn the page I have no idea of what is going to happen next. Even if I’ve read it so many times!
  3. I liked how Elmer fools the animals. It is really funny!
  4. I’ve always wished to be like Elmer or an AWESOME author like Ruth!

Ruth says ” Thank you so much for the beautiful medal Hanna!”


Enchantment Theatre of Philadelphia  completed  a national tour of My Father’s Dragon!

They reached over 100,000 children on their tour across the U.S. ! You can watch a short promotional video by going to YouTube and putting “enchantment theater my father’s dragon into the search box.


Does anyone know where the event below happened?

Please write us and let us know!