Write to Ruth!

Ruth is returning from New Mexico to her big yellow house in Trumansburg, New York in April 2021.

Thank you to all of Ruth’s friends and fans who have sent her a note or a postcard this winter. Your kind thoughts and wonderful drawings are such a gift when they arrive in the mailbox!! Keep them coming!

You can write or email her at these addresses:

Ruth Kahn
8315 Route 227
Trumansburg, New York 14886

2 thoughts on “Write to Ruth!

  1. I was read this story as a little boy in the 1960s. I have fondly remembered it and read it to my children. Today I ordered a copy and shipped it to a friend in Minnesota. I hope to continue the tradition.


    1. Hello Kirk – thanks so much for your kind comments. We are hearing these intergenerational stories from a number of people who loved the “Elmer and Boris” books as kids. Ruth is no longer to answer her email, but we do read all of her fan mail to her, and she loves to hear that the words she says “came from the child inside me”, still resonate!!
      Louise Kahn ( daughter of Ruth Stiles Gannett Kahn)


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